Gynaecology Consultant Appointments

tel: 01483 456836


First Consultation or previous patient (after 5 years)£280.00
Re referral of previous patient (after 2 years)£220.00
Follow-Up Consultation in clinic £160.00
First Review Appointment by phone £100.00
Annual Review Appointment£185.00
Telephone consultation (short queries not requiring clinic appointment) including fertility£80.00
Cosmetic Vulval/Labial Reduction Consultation £120.00
Report and comment/advice on blood tests or other results not relating to/taken at a recent appointment£30.00 within one year of last appointment.
Private Sick Note/Referral letter£25.00
Medical Insurance Forms or Letters/Travel Insurance letters£25.00
Confirmation of Medication/Prescriptions by email or letter for travel purposes/Border Control£25.00
Private Prescription/Batch of Prescriptions – requested separately to a consultation.£15.00 within one year of last appointment
Organising and faxing a prescription to a chemist and contacting for confirmation£20.00
Replacement/Insertion of Mirena/Copper Coil OR Complex Removal of Lost Mirena or Copper Coil Under Local Anaesthetic £160.00 (+£120.00 in addition if first visit) Please note hospital fees will also apply, which will include cost of Mirena/coil. Please ask for information.
Cervical Smear (Cytology) +/- HPVNo charge from Miss Whitcroft. Please note hospital/laboratory fees will apply. Approx. £130.00-£240 hospital dependent.
Ultrasound Scans£220.00 - £350.00 depending upon hospital/clinic where ultrasound scan performed.
Cancellation of Appointment (if within 2 working days of your clinic appointment) or failure to attend£100 First Consultation/Annual Review £50 Follow-Up Consultation
Labial reduction/Labiaplasty Approximately £3200 depending upon whether local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic is required. Quote will be supplied by hospital following consultation.
In-Patient Surgery (under general anaesthetic/requiring a hospital stay) Prolapse/vaginal repair/tightening: approx. £4000.00 hospital will quote. Hysteroscopy+/- ablation: approx. £2000.00- £3000.00 hospital will quote. Hysterectomy: approx. £6000.00-£9000.00 hospital will quote. For in-patient surgical procedures, please discuss with Miss Whitcroft as a hospital quotation will be provided for self-funding patients and the OPCS codes will be provided for patients with medical insurance.

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